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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Robert Masters and Lilac
Dining Hall, Boat

Robert calmly continued to eat his meal as the threats were made. He looked over to his Riolu as she finished her berry bowl. "Another 'team'. How very unoriginal, and how very annoying." Robert spoke calmly and confidently. Standing to his feet, Robert placed one fist on the center of the wooden table he had been sitting at and glanced over to the man on stage.

"You see, I have no money, but I'll be MORE than happy to give you a nice trip to the nearest hospital with every bone in your body broken." Robert spoke before raising his fist and driving it down in an attempt to break the wooden table in half as an attempt to intimidate some of the goons in the room, giving their leader a psychotic glare, as if he was about to enjoy bashing skulls in. "I think you chose the wrong ship to hijack, little girl. Oh, and if you're about to try the 'well we have the captain' excuse, I could really care less about him." He said, trying to pull a fast bluff. His real intention, more than just to scare some of the goons, was to intentionally draw attention to himself. If the guards at the sides were to go at him, it would leave the exits open for the other passengers to escape. Also, his actions might motivate other tough trainers to side with him.

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