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Contest #1

[R/S/E Normal Beauty Contest]


1st place: Jokester Jesse with Swalott
2nd place: Turtwig A with Levanny
3rd place: Derian with Dewgong
4th place: Alaskapigeon with Dragonite

Swalott was a beast throughout the whole contest. Alaska left partway through. Levanny and Dewgong did well but some tactics by Swalott caused them to go downhill.

1st. $2000 and 1500 Credits, + Normal Rank Beauty ribbon.
2nd. $1500 and 1000 Credits
3rd. $1500 and 500 Credits
4th. $1000 and 500 Credits

Me: $2,000

Hatch @ 25
Zoroark @ 100
Lv 100 @ 310

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