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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Dining Hall

Avalon and Scyez just finished off their meals, and they were pretty content with it. However, they weren't getting back in line anytime soon: Some children rushing to get their food were quite fierce in doing so. Fortunatly, Avalon had some more company than before to work with. His company included a creepy-looking blonde with spiky hair with a Pidgey on his shoulder, a woman that had just tried to sit on a Houndour, the owner of the Houndour, and the man that had yet to return from getting his milk...Or was it that Avalon finished his food that fast?

"Hey, hi there!" Avalon said, looking at the only person that was inoccupied with anything; the previously mentioned creepy blonde. "My name's Avalon, The Riolu on my head is Scyez, and isn't this trip exciting?! Pokemon, Trainers of Pokemon, Gyms, their Leaders, Pokemon Leauge, the Elite 4, the Champion, whatnot I don't know yet, all that stuff! Am I right!?" Avalon said, all really fast.

"Riioriioriolriooo! Riolu-ri-rioooo!" Scyez yelped. "Riiiiiiii-Ri-Ri-Riiiiii!"
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