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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Jessica Smith
Boat to Suvaty: Room -> Dining Hall
A young brunette woman sighed as she relaxed on the bed, currently in the room she was staying in on this boat. She was reflecting on recent events in her life, her hair currently messed up from not being brushed. Her brown eyes started at the pale ceiling, not really focused on anything. Her dark clothing was easily seen against the white comforter that was that covered the mattress. She took in a deep breath as she closed her eyes, still reflecting.

Not long ago, she got into a major argument with her mother. Luckily for the young woman, her father was home and was there to comfort her when she was becoming an emotional wreck and in risk of hitting her mother. It was shortly after that did her father take her out, having a surprise for her. As she waited by her father's trusted Mightyena, the man dressed in his police uniform returned to her with a box. It was open, and she tilted her head to the side before standing to look into it. Curled up in a tight ball was a black form. She could tell it was fur and she noticed gray patters on its head and back. Shortly after red eyes opened, and she noted another detail. Over the right eye she saw a scar start from under its brow, stopping at the top of the eye to continue down to the middle of its cheek. After a moment, she saw that it was a Houndour. Her father rescued it from an abusive owner, and he was giving it to her to give it a better life.

"Now Jessica, take care of him. He will become a very loyal companion, and since he will be your first you two will form an unbreakable bond," her father's words sounded in her head.

Jessica sighed before she sat up and rang her fingers through her tangled hair. She looked beside her to the curled up black ball and smiled. What her father said was true. After the Houndour learned he could trust her, he completely opened up to her. He never left her side and refused to be put into a Pokéball. She named him Surge, thinking it was a powerful name for the pup. He shifted when he felt his partner's weight shift and looked up at her with tired eyes.

"This is your captain, I'd like to inform you that we seem to be, a little off schedule and may arrive a bit late. Now don't worry, in fact, I invite all of you to enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the dining hall. And remember, when you sail with us, you sail in style."

Both human and Pokémon sighed, but then looked at one another. Their eyes locked, and Jessica smiled. "Well, food sounds good don't it?" she asked, getting a nod from Surge. "Then let's go get it while it's hot."

Jessica fixed her hair as the Houndour jumped off the bed. Shortly after they made their way to the dining hall, Surge ahead of her. He was always ahead of her if not next to her, looking ahead to make sure his human companion would never be put in harms way. The two planed to follow in Jessica's father's footsteps and work well together as he did with his Mightyena. Jess was to become a Ranger, and then work for higher ranks to do all she could to make the world safer like her father. And she was extremely happy to have a loyal partner in Surge.

As the Houndour look around the room, knowing his trainer was a few feet behind still in the hall, he wasn't expecting what came next. A woman ran into the room and tripped over him. He didn't yelp as he was knocked over and rolled, but quickly got back up to his feet and growled. He examined the woman. She had blonde hair and dark eyes, but she didn't seem much of a threat as he relaxed. He heard foot steps behind him and looked to his other side to see Jessica enter the room and rushed to his side, knealing down to look him over before looking at the woman.

"I'm sorry, are you alright?" she asked, picking Surge up in her arms as she waited for a reply.
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