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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Dining Hall


Food, food, and more food. Avalon and Scyez have never once been able to eat that much food at once without paying a cent in their lives. Considering that Avalon's and Scyez's activity levels were way up there, this was almost too good to be true without some kind of hitch.

Avalon took his position in line patiantly, but fortunatly, he was nearly at the front. It took little time for Avalon to help himself to an orange, a lemon, grapes, strawberries, yogurt, bacon, and an ommlet. Avalon also found Pokefood for Scyez, and took a large portion. The cups were small, so Avalon dispensed three cups of lemonade and one cup of Avalon's favorite soda. Two of those cups of lemonade were for Scyez, as she loved lemonade.

He took the seat next to another Trainer with a Riolu (Highly coincidental, he presumed), and allowed himself to eat the great deal of food in front of himself at last. Scyez followed suit shortly afterwards. Neither stuffed themsleves at record time, nor did they take time to savor the food. But they were very content with eating it.

Avalon paid little mind to the trainer next to him when he got up to go get something else from the buffet table. He and his Riolu, in contrast to Avalon and Scyez, were both calm and civil. Avalon decided to talk to them, after he got back from getting his milk, of course.
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