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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Suzu and Gaia
Dining Room, Boat

Suzu began drifting off in the warm sunlight that she was basking in on the front deck. Gaia was on the same boat (no pun intended) and was softly snoring within minutes. Just as Bell began to sleep, a loud voice came over an intercom directly over her head. Jumping with a shout, and falling off her chair, Bell glared up at the intercom and shook her Pokemon awake.

"This is your captain, I'd like to inform you that we seem to be, a little off schedule and may arrive a bit late. Now don't worry, in fact, I invite all of you to enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the dining hall. And remember, when you sail with us, you sail in style." The announcement caught Gaia's attention, who was definitely up for a glass of water and a breakfast salad with some eggs.

Sighing softly to herself, Bell picked up her Pokemon and rushed to the dining hall. Rushing through the door, she ran into a chair. She tripped and fell flat on her face, the exact opposite of the path she planned to take in life. Cursing herself for being a terrible attempt at a ninja, she sat up to see the "chair" was actually a Houndour.
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