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Default Re: ATF's Tree of Battles

[5v5][Held okay][Normal Weather/Normal Terrain][D/P][Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/ Clauses][Gym Battle]

The Jr Trainer VS Fossil Fusion

Infernape & Blaziken & Breloom & Swampert & Starmie


Gyarados & Jolteon & Swoobat & Swampert & Gengar

Both fought really well and fairly close but the difference maker was the Blaziken. With Speed Boost it was able to set up, do some damage then pass to Breloom who also did some damage. In the end though Life Orb Starmie took out Gengar, Swampert, & Swoobat and with only Gyarados remaining there was no hope for Chris.

Jr: $2,000 + Defends
Crhis: $1,000
Me: $2,500

Salary: $2,500
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