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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Robert Masters
Dining Hall, Boat

It seemed like the ride was going to be delayed for a short moment, and the offer of free food was enough to get Robert in the mood for some breakfast. After watching another trainer speed by with a Riolu clinging to the man's head, Robert calmly walked to the dining hall while his Riolu sat upon his backpack.

Entering the dining hall, Robert went up to the all you can eat buffet and took a plate and a bowl. He picked out some fruits, scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes for himself, before then filling the bowl with berry cubes and Pokefood for his Riolu Lilac. After grabbing a table and setting the plate and bowl down, Robert headed over to get himself and his Riolu some glasses of moo milk. Lilac sat on the table itself to eat while Robert sat himself down at the table and began to enjoy his breakfast.
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