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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Room 104, En-Route to Dining Hall

"This is your captain, I'd like to inform you that we seem to be, a little off schedule and may arrive a bit late. Now don't worry, in fact, I invite all of you to enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the dining hall. And remember, when you sail with us, you sail in style."

The news got Avalon and Scyez both up. It was both good news and bad: The bad news was that they'd be arriveing late. In fact, it was terrible news. They had a way to get off the ship in record time once it was docked. Avalon bet that it would dock while they were eating the food. Eating the food in itself, as well as possibly interacting with fellow trainers, was the good news.

Avalon grabbed his bag, and despite the less-than-pretty news about the late arrival, made an all-out blitz to the dining hall. In doing so, Avalon's appearance on the deck was like he was shot out of the hall from a cannon. Taking only a second's worth of notice of the people on-board, Avalon took a sharp turn to the direction of the dining hall. Scyez was clinging onto his head all the while, making a loud and definatly audiable call: "Riiiiii!!!" She looked like she was having the time of her life.
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