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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

(For the record, very glad this isn't D&D. I'd be paranoid that the tropics might try and eat me. That is all)

Suzu (Bell) and Gaia
On deck, Boat

"What do you think Gaia? Is this beautiful or what?" Suzu was stretched out on a chair at the front, and lowermost, deck of the ship. Lifting her sunglasses, she gazed around the crystal water and opalescent sand stretching before them. "I can't wait to reach Avar Town! I heard it's wonderful, but a little crowded because the tourism it attracts." Glancing down at the water, Suzu couldn't help but wonder what kind if Pokemon inhabited it. Seeing as Avar Town was mostly a tourist attraction, there wasn't much to be said about their Pokemon population.

To her left, Suzu's Pokemon was stretched out on a small towel; her vines were stretched out to either side of her body, absorbing the sun. She shifted slightly, adjusting to get a more even distribution. As far as Budew go, this one was a fanatic for detail. She murmured a sigh of agreement, loving the open skies better than the forest she and her trainer were raised in.

Smiling to herself, Suzu's gaze wandered the ship for the other passengers with Pokemon. She saw them get on, ran into one or two, but hadn't extensively spoke with one. Having grown up in the forest, Suzu preferred spending her nights on the deck rather than in a room. As her gaze travelled up toward the next deck, she spotted a Pidgey flying down and land on someone's shoulder. He looked stunning with his blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and calm demeanor. Still, Suzu decided to be cautious. "Always remain on guard. Never let them catch you unaware," she muttered to herself.
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