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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Amaya Riku
Gatekeeper - Bahamut / Keyblade Wielder
Nexen Undercity: Tunnel

Riku just kept walking, thinking of the entire situation in his head, trying not to dwell on the past again that was indirectly brought up. He looked over and Kairi and gave a weak smile.

“Yeah we didn’t really ditch you on purpose this time Kaiai.” Riku tried explaining. “More like the tunnel ditched the islands.”

Amaya didn’t like the idea of putting those who were lost to rest. In her mind, no one was really lost. She kept trying to lead everyone down the tunnel. If it wasn’t for her hidden ability of communing with the darkness, she would of been more lost. Amaya listened to the one who called himself Fratley, who was the most unique out of the group that had brought with their good will of help.

“Yes, the books were special. Luckily we got to them in time before such a thing could happen.” Amaya then remembered it was introduction time. “Oh, right, I’m Amaya, and my guardian is Bahamut. I hope that this time of peril will pass soon. Nexen really is a nicer place. It’s too bad the ancestor Gatekeepers closed it off to the outside worlds.”

Riku was still confused by most of the situation but if he had Sora and Kairi here, he didn’t think it would be anything more difficult than what he had been through before. He kept to his usual quiet self as they all proceeded down the tunnel. The minimal lighting and the dripping in the background kept him on the cautious side.

Amaya kept walking carefully, making sure each step was to be on something, and not in a cliche dark drop in the tunnel floor. The Undercity was old and was recycled into supports for the city now. The entire area looked creepy, dismal and plain foreboding to anyone else. To Amaya, it wasn’t, it was just a curious place to explore. Amaya was trying to think hard about why the man in the mask would want the keyblade wielders, as they had little use here in the first place. If it was to open anything, there were only the gates, but no one could open those, there were few true Keepers who had that ability to do it on their own.

“Rayna...Anya...Anastasia...” Amaya said, her thoughts slowing down onto one idea. “You wouldn’t happen to have an idea of why that masked man wanted to know about the keyblade wielders...because I’m getting a very bad idea as to what it could be.”

“All bad guys in general do things that are bad ideas.” Riku commented, still being on the watch for anything hostile.

Amaya didn’t respond to his words. “I would explain it theory but we’d need to get to where we are going first.”

“And that where would be...”

“The First Study. That’s where it’s rumored the original Gatekeepers did their...well studies.” Amaya explained. “It’s a bit of a walk in the dark but we should be alright.”

Riku thought for a second. “If Heartless are after us...wouldn’t the dark be a bad idea? Also, how do you know where you’re going if no one’s ever been in here?”

“I’ve explored here when I was younger. No one else did because they were afraid.”

Amaya didn’t just on the idea that walking in the dark would be a bad idea, as she was defensive about anyone or anything stereotyping darkness as a bad thing. If Heartless were looking for them, they would expect them to be in lighter areas. They were instinctual creatures and that’s how it would make sense to them. There wasn’t anything chasing them so there wasn’t anything to worry about.

For right now anyway...

OOC: Crappy post...but if anyone wants to throw in some other form of KH enemy breed to try and kill everyone else, feel free to do so!
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