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> Remember that curiosity killed the Meowth, but satisfaction brought it back. Go ahead, explore.
Against your better judgement, you decide to move in farther to the building... but not too far, just in case someone is here, and they mooch your water. Or figure out you're in this building. Better to keep an eye on the way you came, after all. You move in to the only door in the front room; you're pretty sure you walked through this one the other way, and end up in a hallway. Above you is an opening for the vent you crawled over.

You look around, and slip into the nearest open door you can find, claws at the ready.
> Grab a sharp object for back-up.
> Also keep in mind that it's your own fault if you get killed.
As it turns out, you don't need the claws; it's a kitchen, and it's completely empty. Kitchens usually have big scary knives, don't they? You loot the drawers and locate the largest sharp knife you can find. This is pointy enough to be used as a weapon.

You still hear the faint pattering of rain (Mightyena ears are highly sensitive) so you go back and check on the water supply. It seems to remain untouched, and there's maybe half an inch of water in there. It won't be a quick source of water, but it'll be a clean one. You decide to go back to the hallway and explore further, knife in hand; maybe you'll store it in the Hammerspace Pocket later, but for now, the more painful pointy things, the better.

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