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Solitude - a word meaning desolate, loneliness, quiet, silence and peace. The world was a grim place. Wars broke out between the communities and gangs against strong, terrible pokemon, and even themselves. Arguements and fights corrupted almost everyone, and went in their separate ways. Gangs were introduced, each having a specific type of pokemon they use, with their own insigna of the gang.
The place is set as a post-apocalyptic wasteland, with many areas flowering with blossom trees and beautiful plantations. Other areas decided to gain higher levels in technology, inventing things to prevent wars from happening, and to change pokemon into different... beings, with attitudes altrered for better or for worse.
Evil has struck loose. Compelling pokemon into something a lot darker. Their looks were altered, including their strengths and weaknesses. Scientists and Professors are currently trying to find ways of preventing such changes. But there was no hope. Until they worked out something boggling. They planned to create something unusual - A revolutionary edible item in which pokemon wouldn't refuse to eat - cupcakes. Seems silly at first, but these cupcakes would completely change a pokemon's personality, looks and emotions. It would change them into something unique, perhaps godlike in some terms.

Once successful, they were trained to battle against the evil ones. Even now, a war is still being held. Corruption and change is what caused this once people world to become such a desolate, destroyed place. A place of Solitude.

quod solitudo factus

Prepare to join in on an exciting adventure. What lies ahead? That's for you to find out.

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