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I was floating down the river on Metroplex, my Wailord's back. Metroplex was huge, so she didn't quite fit in the river, however, she pushed her way through. From on top of her, I saw a body lying near the bank and thought it needed some help. I quickly jumped off Metroplex's back and only dry land. Shadow jumped out of her blowhole and followed me. Upon arrving next to the body, I saw that it was Ranger Buzz. She was such a lazy, slutty Ranger.

"Buzz is supposed to be taking people though this area, why the hell is he asleep?" I grumbled. "Ugh, you can't send a woman to do a man's job. I'll have to find them and guide them through." I continued walking until I came across three sets of footprints in the dirt. Two were human and one was of a Pokemon. I knew it had to be them. If not, then it was poachers, either way I had to find out.

After fifteen minutes of walking, Shadow let out a small bark. Up ahead I saw a woman and a man walking. The man was a bit ahead of the woman. They looked like a bickering couple, but I couldn't be too sure. When I got closer, I saw that it was Ivy and Chain, two Park Rangers. I also saw River flying above, no doubt keeping an eye on the two since Buzz wasn't.

"Mirage, come on out." I whispered, letting out the black beast. "I want you to create an illusion so those two can think that I'm someone else. Change me into an older male, about thirtyish with black hair and a Ranger outfit." Mirage nodded and began creating the illusion.

"Zoroark." He whispered back when he was done.

"Thanks buddy." I said, "Now go invisible and stay by my side." He nodded again and quickly disappeared. "HEY! Guys! I'll be rangering you two. I'm Ranger Alphonzo! Where are ya headed off two by your selves? Some place romantic?" I asked Ivy.

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