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Default Re: Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Room 104

Avalon was a mystery to most of the people. He was by no means a recluse, and indeed, his sightings on various parts of the ship were numerous; it was just too much of a challenge for anyone to go to him and interact with him, and henceforth have to deal with his insane Riolu, unless they were being paid to do so.

Avalon got room service, so the people that had to go in-as they were getting paid-were the only ones to do so, following a logic train of thought.

Avalon and Scyez had similar traits. Avalon and Scyez, for instance, were both crashed out on the bed out of sheer boredom. Don't get them wrong, though: They'd probably blitz out of that room the instant the announcement came on that said that they docked. And that was the plan. They already had everything packed, and could rush off the boat in seconds.
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