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Default Re: Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Robert Masters
Room 103, Boat

Robert sat on the edge of his bed with his backpack open and his gear laid out all over the bed. He made sure to check over each piece of equipment for any signs of rips, tears or anything else that would require any stitch work to fix. He had a small pop tent, a tightly rolled up sleeping bag, a canister of Pokemon food, a mess kit, a lighter, a change of clothes, two leather canteen flasks and a few pouched of travel rations for himself. If anything, his Riolu ate better than he himself did, But Robert wouldn't have it any other way. To him, his Riolu Lilac was his partner and companion.

When the announcement came over the intercom, Robert looked over to his Riolu and smiled. "It's time to get ready girl. Soon we'll reach the island and meet a whole bunch of new companions, and we'll hone our skills. This trip will make us stronger, and then one day, we'll be the Champions of the Indigo League!" Robert spoke as he began to pack everything away in his bag in a neat and organized manner, being helped by Lilac. Once everything was packed, Lilac hopped up onto Robert's shoulder once Robert put his backpack on, and then he headed out onto the deck of the ship.
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