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Default Re: Dawn of a New Era

Region background

This rp takes place in the Suvaty region. Suvaty is a great distance from any other region, and as such none of you were born in Suvaty. It does not matter which region you hail from, all that matters is that you are en route to Suvaty now. Suvaty is unique in that there is no set order for obtaining gym badges.

I am not going to post a map of Suvaty until someone obtains a map. All you are allowed to know is this:

The Pier leads directly to Avar Town, which is where the lab is, however, there is a winding route that will be sure to test any new trainer to Suvaty.

Now Players, your characters are on a ship bound for Suvaty. The ship has stopped in several different regions and locations to pick up all of you. You may have bumped into each other passing in the ship, but you haven't really sat down to get to know each other. The rp will pick up around here, after I post one more time the ship will be close to docking at the Pier. Good Luck, and let's go.
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