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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

OOC: 'Scuse my inactivity. Difficult things going on at home.

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Stormbreaker's head lifted.

'Bout time, he thought.Slow humans and their Pokemon.

His gaze fell upon the girl, and suddenly it softened by unmeasureable amounts. For a moment, he saw Crystal with her Pokemone gathered around her. Her Zebstrika, Tsukiarash, and her Seismitoad, Lymphyus, whom she always complained about how she was glad he evolved because the tadpole with the creepy child's face defaced her team, but loved with all of her heart. Then there was always Kuragari, her shiny Charizard, whom she had spent her life with. There was constantly Kalahaq, the shy Sawk, that never made a sound but always defended her with his life. And that damned Sigilyph, Senencia, that always teased Stormbreaker and tossed Psywaves and Psybeams at him when his back was turned. But there was always Stormbreaker himself, almost like one of her Pokemon, but still wild and free as the wind.

The mirage of his mind faded, and he saw the girl and her Yanma and Meowth, but his eyes were still warm. He unfurled himself from the tree and rose up, hovering. The round plates on his body spun slowly, and his markings glowed softly. He stared at the Meowth, amusement in his eyes.

"What a brave Pokemon you are, Min," he said softly to the Meowth, using the name that the girl had used. His head lowered to the Meowth's eye level. For a moment, his vision zipped back to Crystal, and he was staring into the eyes of Senecia as he pinned the smaller Pokemon out of irritation by the wings, while the Sigilyph tickled his arms with Psywaves. He let the Pokemon up, and she fluttered about his massive head.

"And what a brave girl for following," he added, his head rising.
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