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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

OOC: *Exhausted* Only fifteen more days of school. Summer seems so far away...


Isla backed up when the scyther landed, continuing to watch it through narrowed eyes when he offered his pardons and introduced himself to them. He didn’t seem dangerous, but out here it was hard to tell who was and wasn’t friendly. She wasn’t surprised Nightfang didn’t trust the pokemon - a scyther like him could easily take them out. He looked well fed and much more energized than they were.

“On my honor, I swear to you that I mean none of you harm. Gladewing, at your service. If there is anything that I can do for you…?”

Isla swished her tail back and forth uncomfortably as she sized up the large scyther. Well, large compared to her. If it did come to a fight her would easily win against her, even with her injuries healing.

“Food,” the Nightfang growled. “Can you get us food?”

“But Nightfang,” Bladestrike pointed out, “there is no food out here.”

Nightfang growled at him and then turned back to Gladewing. “Clean water would also be nice. If there is any in this stinking place!”

Yuri glowered at the mightyena, her cheeks beginning to spark. “Leave him alone, Nightfang! He’s partially right about the food - it might be easy for Gladewing to find, he lives here. But we haven’t seen a thing since we entered this stupid swamp!”

Isla listened to Bladestrike’s jumbled story, realizing that he had at least remembered some things, although he didn’t exactly tell it correctly, but it was close enough for her. She shrugged and sat down, dipping her head to the scyther in welcome.

“Hello, Gladewing, I am Isla.”

Yuri stopped watching Isla and adjusted her ears to hear what Chip was speaking to Nightfang about. The mightyena was clearly getting annoyed with how much Bladestrike was talking with Gladewing, worried the scyther would attack him, and about how healthy he was. She could understand the concern, but the scyther did not appear to be very old. He looked rather young, but still older than Bladestrike. However, he did seem uncomfortably around the other scyther…

She stepped forward with a kind smile. “I am Yuri, Gladewing. Please, forgive Bladestrike. He’s had a hard time since they had to leave the valley. He was injured and lost his memories, but he’s getting better.”

Even if he didn’t remember her, he did remember some of the important things like the valley, though it hadn’t dried up like her explained, it had been attacked.

She wasn’t sure if that was something Gladewing needed to know at present and she wasn’t about to tell him. If Nightfang, or anyone else, were to snap at her for giving up information, she would not be a happy pikachu.
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