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Default Re: Spencer Thompson

Name: Michael

Species: Pidgey
Max HP: 28
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant (+ Attack, - SA)
Ability: Keen Eye

Level: 10
EXP: 1,000
EXP to LVL: 330


ATK: 7 / 9
SPEED: 6 / 8
HP: 4 / 6
DEF: 4 / 6
S.DEF: 4 / 5
S.ATK: 2 / 2


Overland: 2
Surface: 1
Sky: 3
Underwater: -
Jump: 3
Power: 1
Intelligence: 3


Tackle: Normal
The user throws themselves at the target, their whole weight impacting them.
At-Will – 3
Effect: 1 target, dash, weight class
For each weight class the user is above the target, they deal additional 1d10 damage.

Sand-Attack: Ground
The user kicks up sand into the eyes of the target, hindering their view.
E0T –2
Ranged **
Effect: 1 Target, Spray
Sand-Attack creates a spray 2-meters long and 75” wide. All Legal targets must roll +1 during accuracy checks for the remainder of the encounter.

Gust: Flying
A puff of air is shot at the target.
At-Will – 2
Effect: 1 target

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