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Default Spencer Thompson

Name: Spencer Thompson

Age: 27



A taller, spikey-haired blonde, Spencer looks frightening. Everything from the curve of his eyebrows to the rather sharp nature of his teeth seems to send others in the opposite direction. The man’s brown eyes are so dark that at times they look black. For the most part, he dresses simply, more for practicality than looks. There are times when he wants to make a mark on people though, and he has clothes particularly to strike an impression.

Current Class: Pokémon Trainer

Intended Class: Researcher -> Petrologist, Professor

Personality: Though he looks rather intimidating, Spencer is a decent enough guy. At the very least, he’s not evil, though he has a somewhat dark sense of humor. Because most everyone balks away, he sometimes plays out this evil persona, acting dark to take people by surprise. Taking the upper hand is something that Spencer enjoys to do when in the presence of other researchers because he feels that his youth puts him at an automatic disadvantage, which it does.

He’s smart, and he knows it. Instead of trying to use physical abilities that he does not have, the blonde instead focuses on elaborate plots. Almost as a foil to the intelligence, there is a social awkwardness that showcases itself in an overbearing manner.

Background: Spencer never knew his family. Whether they had died in some horrific accident or had simply abandoned him, the only life he ever knew was in an orphan’s home with other children. The house was always packed, with children coming and going, so there was never any kind of stability. Because of this lack of stability it quickly became hard for the boy to make friends; every time he did they would somehow end up leaving him.

When he got old enough to afford some freedom, he took to spending time by himself, taking frequent walks around the city. This allowed him to see a great many things, though everything that stuck in his mind had to do with the wonderful and powerful creatures called Pokémon. He watched gym battles, flying Pokémon migrations, and even went so far as to note their habitats and tendencies. It quickly became a hobby.

Though he was too old to easily make friends at the orphanage, Spencer’s compassion and patience allowed him to easily befriend Pokémon. One such of these creatures was the Pidgey that flies loyally with him to this day. A group of destructive and uncaring young trainers came and captured the lot of the Pidgey’s family, leaving him alone. The spikey teen knew that to just try to shove his love onto the bird would scare it away, so he came to the same spot where the animal’s tree stood day after day to throw out food and sit. Slowly the Pokémon came closer and closer, and a month and a half later Michael the Pidgey would not leave Spencer’s side.

One plus side of the orphanage was an incredible academic program; the hosts hired a great group of tutors to keep their children at the top of their classes. Thanks to these tutors and his own intellect, Spencer was able to graduate young and got a steady job, so that when he turned 18 he moved out into an apartment of his own. Freedom was something that the young man enjoyed, and he threw himself headlong into various studies.

But inside, he longed for an adventure. Because he didn’t have a family to support him, he never got to go on a Pokémon adventure. Now that he had a stash of funds it was possible, but finding a group that would allow him to join despite his age would be difficult. He couldn’t just go alone; not only would it be depressing, but downright dangerous. Being a realistic man he quickly came to the realization that he would not be able to happily settle down until he went on the adventure, so he set out to find a group that would allow him to join and use his knowledge to help out.

Plans: To try and take over the world! Mwhahahaha! No, not really …

Starter Pokémon: Pidgey

Pokémon Wish List: Weedle, Squirtle, Pikachu, Vulplix, Caterpie, Aerodactyl


Level: 0
EXP: 0

Ability Scores:

HP: 40
Strength: 9 (-1)
Constitution: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 9 (-1)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 13 (+1)
Charisma: 9 (-1)

Feats: N/A

Proficiencies: N/A

Equipment: N/A

Money: 3,000

"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."

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