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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Bladestrike looked up in surprise as he heard his name being called. It was Chip. “Not too bad, Bladestrike!" the furret told him, "There’s a couple things switched, but you remembered where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

'Really?' he thought to himself. He remembered it right? Or at least...most of it? Maybe his memory was getting better after all.

Nightfang raised her head when she heard Chip addressing her. “You know,” the furret told her in a quiet voice, “it’s alright to be leery of new Pokemon. It’s actually probably a good idea considering we have no idea what sort of territory we’re in. But, you don’t have to show so much aggression when it hasn’t been shown to us yet. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt for an enemy to think we’re pushovers even when we’re not.”

The mightyena sighed. "All right," she replied. "I'm just not sure about that scyther...a healthy pokemon, in a place like just seems strange. But all right, I'll leave him alone as long as he doesn't try to hurt anyone. I'm just worried he'll try to attack one of us in our sleep." She finished the last word with a growl, but then calmed herself. "I guess there's nothing he can do now, though...and if he tries to hurt anyone, I'll tear him apart..."

Bladestrike didn't notice Gladewing's discomfort. He was too excited that he'd remembered something right. He looked over at Rockpaw and Sideswipe, calling over to them. "This scyther's going to help us!" he cried excitedly. He then turned back to Gladewing, oblivious to the fact that the other scyther didn't want to talk to him. "Hey! Since you're another scyther, maybe you could teach me to fight. So I could help the others, too." Even though he'd said it, he didn't think he'd be able to fight in this condition. But someday he would, and what pokemon would be better to learn from than another scyther? "If I don't get my other memories back, I mean. But I'm not sure I really knew how to fight before, either. Did you see what's at the top of that tree? There's two pokemon there and they were looking for something."

Nightshade looked at Bladestrike and shook her head angrily, but she was too tired to be very annoyed with him. "I wish Bladestrike would leave that scyther alone," she whispered to Chip. "If he is hostile, he could get hurt, and if he does want to help us he won't want to if Bladestrike keeps annoying him." She sighed and looked on ahead through the curtains of mist, trying to forget about Bladestrike for the moment. "I just hope whatever's out there is at least somewhere we can live peacefully, even if it's nothing like the valley. But I'm not sure how long we'll have to travel until we find such a place." Realizing that she was starting to sound as rambling as Bladestrike, she stopped talking and stared at the tree, wondering what Poppy and Torin would have found up there. A moment later, she saw the two of them heading down. Soon they would know exactly what lay in store for them.

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