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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

(OOC: Oh wait! I forgot to add Victini's physical description in my last post! Argh, and I totally meant to put him in there! In fact, I had a special sentence for him, but must have gotten lost somewhere... Sorry Metal! :x it really wasn't intentional! Oh, and sorry I haven't been on for a while... School's kept me busy, of course :/ )

Gladewing the Scyther

The Mightyena still showed some… unfriendliness. Gladewing supposed that he shouldn’t be surprised, but still the wolf-Pokemon was quite intimidating. He guessed that even with some injuries, she could easily rip the young scyther to pieces, and would have no qualms over doing so. Even now, she stared at him tensely, just waiting to pounce at the moment he made a mistake. Needless to say, it made Gladewing all the more nervous.

"Food," the mightyena growled. "Can you get us food?"

“Er,” Gladewing was about to reply, but the other scyther suddenly spoke up.

"But Nightfang, there is no food out here."

She growled at the wounded scyther in annoyance, but said to Gladewing, "Clean water would also be nice. If there is any in this stinking place!"

Both scythers were quite confused by her anger, though Gladewing mostly wondered why she especially seemed vehement to the wounded one. The younger scyther could see why she was fed up with being in the swamp—honestly, he was too—but… Well, he shouldn’t judge. Maybe the mightyena wasn’t always this grumpy. Gladewing should just be polite and courteous, especially since she seemed to be the leader.

“Very well, food and water,” he nodded cheerfully, but almost jumped back when Bladestrike suddenly stepped in front of Nightfang. Animatedly, he started spewing out some strange adventure. Gladewing was only vaguely aware of Nightfang scowling and taking a few paces away from them.

"We're going to the mountains," the scyther spoke like one even younger than Gladewing. "We're going to find a good place to stay there. You see, we came from a valley that dried up like the wasteland back there, so we had to leave, and then a pokemon attacked us, and um...after that we found this swamp. We're going to the mountains!"

"That's not what happened!” Nightfang barked, but Bladestrike didn’t seem to notice—or maybe care?—and just went on telling more and more of his group’s adventures. None of it made any sense to Gladewing, though he tried to listen politely. Truthfully, he wished he could slip away as the Mightyena had. This scyther was obviously older than him, but he acted so curiously. Gladewing wasn’t sure what to think, or say, or do. His relationship with other scyther had always been uneasy, but in this case, Gladewing was especially uncomfortable.

Luckily, one of the other Pokemon stepped in, some of the others who seemed more hospitable than the Mightyena.

"My name's Chip. It's nice to meetcha, Gladewing. Sorry if we seem like an odd group. It's been a long trip." Chuckling at the other Scyther, Chip called over to him.

“Oh,” within himself, Gladewing was glad for the distraction. “A pleasure to meet you, Chip! No need to apologize; it certainly does sound like, er, a long trip.”

Or so he had surmised from Bladestrike’s confusing tale.

The Furret chuckled at the older Bug-type, and said kindly, “Not too bad, Bladestrike. There’s a couple things switched, but you remembered where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

With how everyone else treated the elder scyther, Gladewing had to wonder yet again why the Mightyena behaved so aggressively to Bladestrike. Perhaps Gladewing could solve that mystery later, but for now, he was curious about the other members of the group. So he turned to them, hoping that more of them would step up to introduce themselves.

Wait, Gladewing paused as he looked at a small Pokemon he hadn’t noticed before. A Victini?


Snowsong & Embyr (Glaceon and Charmeleon)

Together, the odd duo forged their way through the swamp at a painfully slow pace. Snowsong wished they could duck into safer shelter, but while one place would have worked for her, it usually wasn’t suitable for a Fire-type Pokemon. Embyr needed someplace dry to rest, but where could Snowsong find such a place in a murky marsh?

Though she had given her word to help, the Glaceon still felt somewhat unsettled at the strange Charmeleon. She moved so listlessly, like an empty shell without a mind of its own. Since uttering her name, Embyr hadn’t spoken a single word. She only stumbled alongside Snowsong, leaning heavily against her for support. At first, Snowsong was worried at her touch, since the Charmeleon was a Fire-type. Surprisingly, however, she didn’t feel any pain. Either the lizard was skilled at controlling her fire… or her temperature was dangerously low.

There had been a rainstorm last night… Snowsong thought with growing concern. The lizard’s odd behavior could just be the cause of sickness…

Embyr suddenly buckled, nearly falling face-first into the mud. Snowsong halted, arching her back to offer more support. The Fire-type’s eyes squinted in pain, but she forced herself to stand straight again. Somehow, the Charmeleon pressed herself to keep moving. She probably would keep pushing herself until she passed out again, Snowsong guessed, following reluctantly. The Glaceon knew she had to be careful that they didn’t go that far. They needed to find shelter soon…

Snowsong jerked to a stop as a sudden noise filled the air. Her long, pointed ears perked as her canine body stood stock-still, taking in a dull swoosh. She couldn’t see anything beyond the mist, but could hear birds taking off from trees as they were startled from their nests. Something big must be flying over the swamp—away from the swamp, from the sound of things. Before it completely disappeared from her range, Snowsong could hear a bellow.

She flicked her tail after a long moment of silence, still tense. What on earth was that thing? And… what if it came back? It sounded big, and perhaps a… carnivore? If it was big, then a half-starved Glaceon or a very ill Charmeleon would be easy pickings. Folding her ears against her head, she glanced back at Embyr, who was staring blankly at the ground. Had she even heard the flyer?

Turning back to the swamp ahead, the Glaceon muttered, “Come on, let’s keep going…”

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