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Default Re: Hitmon's Platinum Nuzlocke Challenge.

Hooray for no viewers yet... -.-

Episode 2: Gotta catch 'em all, POKEMON!! I walked out of the building. But Rowan stopped me with his voice. He gave me TM27 for free. Yay. It's Return. Didn't really need it but oh well... Then Dawn gave me a tour around Sandgem Town. Showed me the Pokemon Center and the Poke Mart. She said I had to go home to tell my mom about my journey. So I healed my Pokemon and ran back to my house. She gave me a journal, why did I need a joural if I write everything all down here?! But oh well... Oh yeah Barry's mommy went into our house and asked where he was. Apperently he went without telling anything to his mom... Barry's mom gave me something to deliver to him. A Parcel. So now I am the delivery boy or something?! She left and so did I.

Back on route 201 I killed a Starly, because I still couldn't get any pokeballs this early in the game. But Ketchup lvl'd up though and learned Ember, nice. I walked through Sandgem Town and healed Ketchup quick. But as soon as I got into route 202, Dawn stood there, waiting for me. She showed me how to catch a pokemon... I mean COME ON... I KNOW HOW TO CATCH A POKEMON... So I kind of fell asleep and when I woke up she was done... After that I FINALLY got pokeballs from her. I finally could catch some Male pokemon. So I went back to route 201 to catch a pokemon, hoping to be a Male pokemon...

I was on route 201, walked into the grass and... A MALE STARLY APPEARED. I had to catch it and so I tried. Scratch, half HP left. I threw a Pokeball, 1, 2, 3... AND CAUGHT!! Starly was named: Donut. Just a random food-like name... XD. Anyways, I fought some pokemon on route 201 to train Donut and Ketchup, bought some potions and pokeballs, continued training, Donut lvl'd up to lvl 4, almost died by another Starly (1 HP left O.o), but lvl'd up to 5 and learned Quick Attack, healed Donut fast at the Pokemon Center, continued training, Etc... Etc... So basically I leveled Donut to lvl 7. Then I continued to catch my hopefully third pokemon. I ran all the way to route 202 after I healed again. When I came on route 202, the first thing I encountered was a... FEMALE BIDOOF... D*mn it! So I killed the thing with Ketchup and lvl'd up to 8. Then I fought some trainer person. 2HKO his Starly with Ember. Walked some more only to find more trainers... Some girl with a Bidoof. But the Bidoof also got 2HKOed by Ember. He leveled up to 9 and I gave him a potion to restore his health. (He also learned Taunt when he got lvl 9.) After the battle of that girl, I walked into the grass... And a Shinx MALE came... I wish he just came sooner, now I had to kill it with Ketchup. After that some trainer came to see if he could win. He had a rare Burmy, I killed it with Donut. Then I did my first steps into the big city, the city called: Jubilife City... (Oh and I found some Stardust :D) That's where I saved...

Active Optional Rules (Besides Core Rules)
  • All Pokemon must be given nicknames (Set theme: Food (Example: Mayonaise, Burger, Chicken, Cabbage, Donut, Etc... Etc...)
  • Duplicate Mons encountered can be ignored (including evolutions)
  • Trades only allowed for one evolution, beyond that, no trades allowed. (including in-game)
  • Eggs from Day Care aren't allowed.
  • Items (non-held) may not be used in battle, only outside.
  • May only capture Male Pokémon. If the first Pokémon on a route is Female, tough luck. (Inspired by Shen's Soul Silver Nuzlocke Challenge)

Number of Gym Badges: 0

Current Roster
Number of Casualties: 0

  • Ketchup the Chimchar, Lvl 9 Male (Starter)
  • Donut the Starly, Lvl 7 Male (Route 201)

  • None.

  • None. (Let's keep it this way.)
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