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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Evil Gatekeeper- Quetzacotl
Nexen Citadel Spire

Daigali continued to travel deeper and deeper into the dark tunnels that were beneath the citadel knowing full well that his dark master was not too far ahead. A quick jolt of energy from his dark presence confirmed his suspicions as he passed into a room only to have it dissipate just as fast, which could indicate only one thing.

Daigali had just missed his audience with his masked master...

Entering a larger room Daigali had stumbled into Jerald and upon seeing both him and the dark portal to the Undercity nearby him quickly put two and two together before kneeling humbly his fellow ally in darkness.

"Forgive my lateness Jerald." he said with a polite tone not wishing to offend the young wild card. Although Daigali did not like to simply yield to young warrior he felt as though his master had greater plans than he could comprehend for him than Daigali could even fathom to which Daigali knew Jerald was to be often his superior.

"My mind was elsewhere. I feel that I have just missed an audience with the master, what would you have me do?" he asked humbly awaiting any form of instructions from Jerald.

(OOC: Sorry about the crappy post after so long. My mind has been elsewhere for a while. :P I promise to be a lot more active from now on though!)
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