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Default Re: URPG Related Chat, Questions and Suggestions

Posting for Pidge.

The first post of All About Battles has been rewritten. Please let me know if you think something could be worded better or made more clear.

Also, with that rewrite, it introduces the ten Pokemon Battle Revolution terrains. These terrains aren't really that game breaking since all of them have a DPP counterpart, but they sound pretty cool!

Underwater is no longer a terrain.

There are no longer default rules. If you just say 'Revolution' as rules, it implies that you are using no other rules or clauses. This means items are automatically off (turning items on counts as a rule), there is no sleep clause, the terrain is automatically set to building, and there is no starting weather. This means saying 'No Items' is redundant, but it doesn't hurt to clarify!

Additionally, it's not in the thread, but from now on, if you wish to, you can use the word 'basics' for setting rules of a basic battle. Saying the rules are 'basics' just means you are telling the referee the rules are 1VS.1 DPP (and everything else is like what I said in previous paragraph). If a ref doesn't know this yet, link them to this post!

And perhaps the biggest addition (although none of these are really that big): Species Clause and Item Clause are now official optional rules.

Also, some information from All About Battles were moved to Reffing Encyclopedia. HERE
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