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Default Re: Site Suggestions

Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post
Well...if we have BotW features, then why not SotW features? ^^; It'd just make things more even, and even though I hate to sound arrogant, but...ever since lately, I've kinda been the manager of SotW--with granted permission, of course--and due to that, its been running much more consistently and smoothly, and I'm hoping it will eventually also be a little more active.

So yeah, anyway, it would work out since SotW is more active / consistent now.
Since you're running it, perhaps you should become a writer for the site? Send me or HKim a VM, if you're interested.

Originally Posted by Moe2 View Post
Advertise the site, a lot of people don't know about Pe2k. Start a facebook group or something. Just let people know you exist.
We have one.
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw
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