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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Chip, Poppy and Torin

The Scyther seemed to hesitate for a moment before making up his mind while Poppy and Torin disappeared around the side of the tree. Chip watched him carefully drop down to the ground as he glanced around at everyone. He bowed while introducing himself.

“My pardons. On my honor, I swear to you that I mean none of you harm. Gladewing, at your service. If there is anything that I can do for you...?”

Chip could not help a slight giggle at the proper way that Gladewing spoke. He was also pleased to hear how politely he introduced himself despite the initial aggression he was shown. Unfortunately, Nightfang was still sounding rather aggressive toward the Scyther, but she had been generally distrustful of most Pokemon they had come across so far. She had stepped back to the edge of the group while Bladestrike attempted to outline their trip so far.

"My name's Chip. It's nice to meetcha, Gladewing. Sorry if we seem like an odd group. It's been a long trip." Chuckling at the other Scyther, Chip called over to him. “Not too bad, Bladestrike. There’s a couple things switched, but you remembered where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

He would let the others help sort out Bladestrike’s story and explain things to the new Scyther. He really had gotten some of the facts in there, even if they were a little jumbled up. Chip turned around toward Nightfang, sitting nearby. Tilting his head at the Mightyena, he tried to calm her mood.

“You know,” he said quietly, “it’s alright to be leery of new Pokemon. It’s actually probably a good idea considering we have no idea what sort of territory we’re in. But, you don’t have to show so much aggression when it hasn’t been shown to us yet. Besides,” he said with a slight grin, “it wouldn’t hurt for an enemy to think we’re pushovers even when we’re not.”


“Good grief, does this thing ever stop?” Torin asked. He had paused, looking upward at the still climbing branches.

Poppy glanced back at him. “Guess we’ll find out when we get there.” She looked around at the fog. It was thicker here than it was on the ground, but thinned out once it reached the tree’s outer branches. “I wonder why the fog doesn’t reach further into the tree,” she thought out loud, continuing up.

“It’s cause the tree is breathing.” Being a healer, Torin’s father had taught him some things about plants. The Pikachu tried to remember what he had told him. “Plants breathe air just like we do. When there’s fog, there’s a lot of water in the air and they breathe in the moisture too. Just ask Isla or Aggranium. Leaves soak up the fog just like the roots do for water in the ground.” He thought for a minute. “Y’know, that’s probably why the ground around this tree is so much firmer. With the size of this guy, it probably drinks up all the water around it.”

“I guess it’s been here for a long time then.” Just then, Poppy could see the mist thinning above them. “Hey look! We made it!” She leapt her way up a couple more branches and looked out over the fogbank.

Torin was quickly beside the speechless Furret. “Wow! It’s like being over a cloud!” He looked up. “Can you believe it? This tree still goes higher!”

“It’s really incredible,” the Furret said, agreeing. She then turned to try and see the end of the swamp land.

The field of cloud stretched far to the north and south. It probably would have taken days if they had decided to go around the swamp. Looking back toward the mountains in the west, she could see them more clearly than they had since leaving the dry wasteland. There looked to be a pine forest that reached up the sides of the mountains, growing smaller as it reached the summits. That would be good. A forest meant prey for those who needed it, and while there would not be a lot of different fruits in a pine forest, the hardier berries would be growing there. So would juniper and holly if they were in season. Torin would be able to find more ingredients to help injuries there as well.

“Well, at least it looks like the fog ends soon.” Torin glanced up at the sun. “We might even be out of it by nightfall if we don’t run into any trouble between here and there. But it’s impossible to see what’s below the fog. You can tell how thick it is up here. It really is like a cloud.”

Poppy was stretched up on her hindpaws, trying to see past the mist. “I kinda wish Chip was up here. His keen eye’s better than both of us put together. It’s hard to see what’s between the mist and the base of the mountains. I can’t tell if the swamp ends at the fog.” She leapt up to the next branch higher, leaning outward a bit as she tried to get a better view.

A shadow passed over the tree and Torin jumped up beside her. “Look out!” he whispered urgently, pulling her back in the cover of the branches.

They both watched past the thick leaves as a large Pokemon flew overhead. Its heavy bulk was carried by broad wings and the head turned on a long neck as the body followed, wheeling over the fogbank. The downdraft of its wings caused the top of the mist to rise and swirl after it. The Pokemon wheeled twice more before flying off toward the mountains. A flock of smaller Pokemon were startled into the air right before they barely heard a soft bellow as the big creature disappeared from view.

Torin shook his head. “Phew. Scary lookin' Pokemon.”

“I don’t know,” Poppy said looking after it. “Kinda seemed sorta happy to me.”

The shiny Pikachu tilted his head. “Really? ...Well, whatever. C’mon. We should head back down. Everyone’s waiting on us.” He turned and immediately started jumping down to the lower branches.

Poppy took one last look out over the clouds of mist, toward the mountains. They were getting closer, but she still felt they would not find a place to stay for long. With a sigh, she turned and started down after Torin.

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