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Default Re: [RP] Dusk of Broken Harmony [RP] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Artemis/William (NPCs)
Musketeer Territory

The Musketeer trio was not known for co-operation amongst themselves, as demonstrated in the last encounter. However, that being said, they wouldn’t allow differences to hinder their overall objective, and the link that bound them, destroying (or at least enslaving) the human race. They’d seen the effects of those vile creatures, none of them good, from forcing battles onto Pokémon to destruction of habitat. How could the Beasts be so blind to all this? Why would they want to protect such greedy beings?

William would never know, but didn’t care so much anymore. It was useless to ponder; they’d made enemies of themselves by this point. Like any other human and Pokémon against them, Suicune, Entei and Raikou would suffer the consequences. At this point, he just shook his head. This was not the right time. With that, the duo arrived at their destination, the Medical Wing.

Alexander was not lying. There was not an empty spot, the Blissey nurses look floored and some of the injuries looked ghastly. William felt a little sickly, but tried to push this aside. Artemis, on the other hand, went to consult with one of the pink and white Pokémon. The last fight had, indeed, not been kind to the Musketeer fraction…

(00C:Don’t forget that Raikou and the Musketeers are NPCs. If you guys want/need them for a post, go ahead!)

Neutral Territory

What was Min thinking, what made her just rush off? Dahlia couldn’t help but ask herself as she followed her Meowth. The rain seemed to have let up some, although this didn’t really change the situation much. The earth was still soggy and she was still soaking wet. On top of this, thunder and lightning failed to follow suit, still indicating the storm was not yet past.
Flitter, however, welcomed the change. The lack of rainfall made it easier for him to fly, which was always nice.

“What the heck?” Dahlia let out a small shout, the silhouette of… Rayquaza seemed to lurk straight ahead. This was shocking, if not a little frightening.

Min, who was still ahead finally stopped, turning back to check on her trainer. In the distance, she seemed to notice an object flying, but figured it couldn’t be as important as the legendary sky serpent. She then returned her gaze back down to Dahlia who had also ceased her movement forward.

“Min come back,” she called, and the feline could tell the girl was both worried and frustrated. At the back of her mind, Meowth knew staying put was the better choice. There had to be a reason the legend had come, and finding out was important. It was dangerous, yes, but since the emerald green creature had not yet responded aggressively, it wouldn’t be in a rage…

Sighing, the neutral started forward, slowly, hoping that her Pokémon wouldn’t try to go any closer…

00C: Bleh! Not my best work, especially Dahlia, but I wanted this up.

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