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Default Re: Jessu can has art tiem [Gallery]

Originally Posted by Quiet Camerupt View Post
I don't think it's so much the sprite gallery not getting attention as the entire sprite forum not really being very busy. I've actually made like 10 sprites for people about a week ago and they still haven't seen them.
No, my thread almost hit the very bottom of the page and all the more active shops were bumped up. Shops get more attention than galleries. :P One of these days when I have more time to myself I might convert this to a shop.

Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post
Then just continue to update and bump the thread, it's really all you can do. At times people just don't feel obliged to pay attention to certain threads or be arsed to comment, just because they're human, really. *shrug*

If you can't get comments and want to, then it's best to do something about that--and by that I mean to do the aforementioned: keep bumping and updating. Someone will eventually notice.
That's something that I find very difficult to do in my present situation. I'm finishing up college this week and next week, I work a paper route in the middle of the night so I have to sleep during the day when I'm not going to school, and any free time I have must be devoted to studying for my math final or finishing up my final project for art.

Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
Your pixel overs are very impressive.
Thank you! :) I've been doing them since before they got to be a popular thing to do.

Originally Posted by Tobiume View Post

it was awesome
LOLYES. <3 It was glorious.

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Wow that scratched Pidove is awesome! I'd love to see more scratch sprites from you =)

I also love your last fusion and Quilava pixel over is cute :D
Thank you! :) Maybe once I'm done with college I'll have more free time to myself to do more.


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