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Default Re: Submission Discussion & Questions

Originally Posted by EmBreon View Post
That shortcuts to the direct post though, not the whole chapter.

Agree. And I think that might be better actually, yeah. I doubt there would be that many giant drawings or wallpapers to be a big deal.
Ah I see.. :)

Also on Sarah's idea.

Why don't we just turn on the feature so that each post not made by a mod has to be moderated, approved or rejected for the creative dex section.

If we turn on this feature all we would have to do would be log onto the mod CP and see all the new posts that needed to be handled at one place.

Once a post has been taken care of it disappears from that lists and appears in that section.

Also using that option you can add in the Rejected (With CNC)/Accepted before the posts are shown on the forum.

So imagine if Blue Jello would log in, and there were 5 posts, 3 sprite entries and 2 graphics entires, he would then take care of all the posts that include sprites, those posts would go of that list and then he would leave all the graphics entries like they are then when I log in and go to the mod CP I would see the 2 graphics related posts that were left and take care of them.