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Default Re: _|-Individual RP: Xpenditure-|_

Jake looked over at the Growlithe, we were now in it's element the only advantage we had was that I had a Water type pokemon like Swampert. As I looked the flame like dog it looked alot more angry then at the start of the battle. Jake looked at the Growlithe and said to his Swampert,

"Swampert use Earthquake then take him out with Surf."

Jake knew if the Growlithe were to dodge it might be caught off guard by the Surf attack, all he could hope was that it would work. As he looked at his Swampert as it's open palms lifted up into the air, and then flew down with force shaking the ground and after that Swampert then created a wave with the water it had generated and started riding on it. The ground was shaking like an Earthquake and now the Growlithe was being combated by a Tsunami like move. All Jake could think about was hoping that he wouldn't hurt the Park property.

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