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Default Re: Pokemon Adventure Board 1

Sorry Hitmon! Elecii rolled 6. 1 Left Talk to the girl. 1 Up, 4 Left.

Pallet Town

Main Mission: Race to Professor Oak's Lab to gain your first Pokemon!

Main Mission 1.5 Go to the [????] square!

Side Mission 1: Talk to Daisy in the house next to yours!

Side Mission 2: Head to Route 1, North of the board. (Only acceptable once Main Mission is completed.)

Turnorder: Hitmon first, Crystal second, Elecii third, and Sam fourth.

Current Statistics

Emblems: 1
Pokemon: | L5 | | 19/19 |Blaze | EXP: 0/10| Moves: Scratch, Growl
Items: Potion x 4, Pokeball x 2
Money: $2000

Emblems: 1
Pokemon: | L5 | | 20/20 |Static | EXP: 0/10| Moves: Thundershock, Growl
Items: Potion x 2, Pokeball x 2
Money: $2000

Emblems: 1
Pokemon: | L5 | | 21/21 |Overgrow | EXP: 0/10| Moves: Tackle, Growl
Items: Potion x 2
Money: $2000

Emblems: 1
Pokemon: | L5 | | 20/20 |Torrent | EXP: 0/10| Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
Items: Potion x 3, Pokeball x 1
Money: $2000

Emblems: 0
Pokemon: | L5 | | 22/22 |Poison Point | EXP: 0/10| Moves: Scratch, Growl
Items: Potion x 1, Pokeball x 1
Money: $2000

Inbetween Turns:

Hitmon enters Daisy's House.

Elecii talks to the Lady. "You can gains alot of experience by battling a lot of Pokemon Trainers." Here take this: Elecii recieves Potion x 1.

Crystal obtains Mission 1.5! Crystal will now be battling alongside a new Trainer who has joined the board. RedMario and Nidoran (F)!


Rocket Grunt 1 : Where is Professor Oak's Lab?
Rocket Grunt 2 : I have no idea. Perhaps we can beat this kid up to find out?
*Red Mario gets attacked here*

Crystal comes along and gets ready to battle. DOUBLE BATTLE

Crystal & RedMario vs Rocket Grunt 1 & Rocket Grunt 2

Crystal & RedMario. You both do this:

Must all choose 5 attacks this turn instead of moving. For example, all your Pokemon will be sent out. You can say for example: Scratch, Growl, Growl, Scratch, Go Pokeball! (If it was a Wild Pokemon. Just Defeat both Rocket Grunts together!

Rocket Grunt A and Rocket Grunt B want to Battle!

Rocket A sends out:

Rattata Level 3 (15/15 HP)

Rocket B sends out:

Rattata Level 3 (15/15 HP)
Crystal and RedMario send your Pokemon and your 5 Moves?

WHILST THIS GOES ON: Hitmon, Elecii, and Sam cannot move until Crystal & RedMario win this Battle. If they lose. Crystal returns to the start spot and everyone else can have a go.

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