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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

Fennel Yew/Hilda Marline Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Inner Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Neo

Another round of testing the AMPLE's Ultrasound pulses. That meant another batch of test subjects. These subjects included a Braviary, a Bellossom, an Exploud, and a few Trainers. The purpose was to test a stronger Ultrasound pulse for the AMPLE.

Fennel was here mainly because of the looming threat of Siphon, and the need of weapons. Siphon had more of a focus on producing powerful weapons, and Fennel heard a rumor about a Siphon Project meant to make a laser that could take on a Pokemon Type. Xexan wasn't so focused prior, only producing three new models of weapons ever since finding three conveniant blueprints for them. These weapons were the Encrypt 143 pistol, the AMPLE, and the Permafrost 117 sniper rifle. Now, they had to focus at least a little more than they normally would, considering that even with the powers of Pokemon, they'd definatly need weapons, especially considering the new Pokemon-Type Laser. Siphon was going to definatly outdo them in terms of making new technology, but that didn't mean Xexan couldn't try to make sure that they didn't fall too far behind.

A scientist, one with special earplugs and Exploud genes (And a southern accent), was going to test. The main reason for the earplugs even though being part Exploud made that irrelevant was that there could always be a chance that Pokemon with soundproof could still be affected by the Ultrasound pulses.

Fennel saw the monitors, checking for how loud the sound was, and how quickly it would make specific targets faint. It also displayed vital signs of the subjects. Fennel made a mental note to check the Braviary's vital signs sharply. The Braviary was the one that fell down after Fennel unleashed an Ultrasonic pulse to knock out nineteen governmental agents, and Fennel thought that the chance that it might die from being hit was there.

The Exploud Scientist was in position-He pointed the barrel of the AMPLE up, making sure that no subject was closer than another. All the subjects were aligned in a circular pattern, so this worked.

"Unleashin' the Ultrasonic Pulse in three! Two! One!"

The bellowing of the Exploud scientist was nothing painful at all in comparison to (What Fennel assumed) was a extremely powerful Ultrasonic pulse. The Exploud that was being used to test if the Soundproof ability would work to sheild it was wobbling a little, but everything else fell flat to the ground in three seconds.

Save the Braviary. The Braviary just died flat-out in two seconds upon hearing. Fennel assumed such an outcome already, but it was still rather nasty to see something drop dead like that. That was the bad news.

The good news was that the AMPLE had a new Ultrasonic Pulse generator, much more potent than before. It even affected Soundproof Pokemon, slightly.

It got Fennel wondering what to do with the tech salvaged from the Golurk. She still had the fond memory of taking out what was recently identified as the energy source of the Golurk. It certianly could be applied in a manner to benefit Xexan.

It also got Fennel wondering how the Golurk thought. That was what really stood out. The Golurk behaved like a normal Pokemon, with but it was one hundred percent Machine, zero percent biological creation. Perhaps the brain of the Golurk was like a hyper-complex AI system of sorts?

...She had better things to do. Like quickly type up the response to Alex Water's Email.

Alex Waters.

The solution you have given me is appliable. However, it is presumed that it will not work. I understand that these Bots you plan to use to drain energy from Siphon's website are very hard to relate back to Xexan, but definatly not impossible-What's to stop Siphon from finding the anomynous people the The bots cling to, finding the Bots themselves, and find who made them? I would also assume, considering their highly advanced technology, that Siphon would have a ready defense for such things. Considering this, until we know the full range of their computer technology, I would like you to instead increase our ability to defend against viral attacks.

I did not plan any advertising campaign, nor did anyone else. The reason for this is that the current state of resources mainly beign devoted to the actual creation of Pokemorphs. Once there isn't as big of a rush to make Pokemorphs, projects such as an advertising campaign would be possible.

Fennel Yew.

There. A nice and simple Email that told Alex her concern about it. She sent it quickly. She was very busy.

(Ooc: Rushed post.)
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