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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Sir Fratley
Dragon Knight
Nexen Under City-Tunnel

"That has got to be confusing." Fratley spoke in reference to how the trio of girls always seemed to end each other's sentences. "But perhaps when we are somewhere safer than this, you can fill us all in on the whole story. I can see how dangerous things are if entire worlds can be brought to an end simply by destroying an enchanted book that is linked to those worlds. Such a thing is a greater threat to Gaia as a whole than the kingdom of Alexandria is a threat to the kingdom of Burmecia." Fratley spoke. Indeed this all was certainly more trouble than he was expecting. But if anything were to happen to the planet upon which Burmecia exists, then trying to defend Burmecia against Alexandria would be pointless. And either fate would jeopardize the life of the woman he had promised himself to.

At the very least, there was time for introductions. Still, he had to wonder how long it would take for more of those heartless to show up and find them. He looked over to Sora and the others. "If we are going to be working together, introductions are best while we still have time for them. I am Fratley, Dragon Knight and champion of the kingdom of Burmecia, from the world of Gaia." Fratley spoke in a dignified and calm tone of voice and manner.
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