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>Whatever you do and no matter how thirsty you get, don't drink the seawater. Use your Mightyena scent to search for fresh water.
>If your scent yields no results, check for things that could hold water as you walk. If the weather decides to get damp, you won't have to worry about water.
You remember that you'll probably be here for a while, and decide that you need to find a source of water. After all, three weeks without food, three days without water... right? Or was it the other way around? You don't remember. But water is important -- and you'd rather not drink that sea water, to be honest. At least not until you can purify it. So you decide to go hunting around the island, keeping your eyes open for something that can hold water.

Eventually, you decide to enter the building from which you came, figuring that it could protect you at least from the elements... oh look, it's raining.



You quickly look around for anything that can hold liquid, and notice a handy little plastic garbage can. You put it outside, lining it with rocks so that it doesn't fall over, and decide to wait right inside the door as the water pail fills up... but you soon get bored, and the rest of the building still stands behind you, dark and promising for adventure...
>Any wires, shiny objects, or bent saplings are to be avoided at all costs. Chances are that the people who resided in the settlement weren't vegetarians...

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