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Default Re: Submission Discussion & Questions

Hm I can see your point but I honestly don't thnik it's going to be a huge problem. I can't imagine that we're going to get so many submissions that it will be hard to keep up with. My suggestion would just be to check all the new posts (the threads should be bolded) whenever you sign in and see if there's anything you need to handle. Turning on the email notification thing should be easy, but I'm not sure if you guys would prefer being emailed about every posts rather than just checking them when you sign in. But that is an option =]

As for splitting into sections, that would work but I don't think we're going to get that many submissions of a single type that would make it worth it. I mean like we might get a total of 4 sprites of Bulbasaur over the whole life of the Creative Dex. And many Pokemon won't have any.

Another thought: Should we edit the forms so that people include the image they're submitting in their post? Then it may be easier for experts to scan through. (obviously not for fanfiction but yeah xD)

So it would be like this instead:
Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post

Username: Pokemon Trainer Sarah
Type of Submission: Graphic Art
Name of Submission: Solarbeam
Link to Submission:
Program Used: Photoshop CS3
(of course that brings up the problem of really large drawings/wallpapers)