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Default Re: 004 Charmander

Repost. :)

Username: Leader Skyla
Type of Submission: Sprite
Name of Submission: B/W recolor of Charmander
Link to Submission:

Rejected by BlueJello: You've fixed up the places I've shown you, but there are six other places. I'll show them to you:

Zoom in if some of the arrows aren't clear enough. Anyway, to correct this, either erase the stray pixel that is hanging on the outside of the outline (for example the one by Charmander's eye) or colour in the pixel with the correct shade (for example the one at the bottom by Charmander's foot). I noticed that the outline is also like this by the hands, but this is the exception to the rule I was talking about earlier, where it makes the hands look pointy. Not bad. :]
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