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Default Re: Submission Discussion & Questions

Originally Posted by Leader Skyla View Post
How would someone become an Expert, like for Sprite Art?
Knowing the basic rules of spriting, including shading and the manipulation of the outline, is a good quality to have. Of course, it's recommended that you have experience in most areas of spriting (fusions, scratches, recolours, eggs etc.). As with all the other Expert types, you need to be able to point out flaws in a sprite and show people how to correct them.

I'd say post some of your best sprites up and let others judge if you have the potential. I do believe that 2 Experts in the spriting section is not enough, and I think you may be able to help out that problem.


Anyway, onto the main reason why I'm posting here. There's a problem with the Creative Dex that I've discussed with Paperfairy, and we thought it'd be best to let others know and give their opinion. The problem isn't particularly big, but if not solved criticism can become tedious for Experts.

Basically, we can never know for sure that a post contains a submission of one's own Expert type. This isn't a big deal whilst just Staff are posting submissions, but when the doors finally open I expect there to be a decent amount of posts. Due to this, checking each and every thread for submissions of our Expert type can become tedious, especially with the amount of Pokemon we have now.

As it stands right now, two solutions have been brought up:
  • 1) Experts are emailed topics that have been posted in daily. Experts can then just look through these threads. Whilst this does cut down on the amount of searching one does through threads, it doesn't eliminate the problem completely, especially if there are lots of posts in a day.
  • 2) This board is given subforums, organised by submission type. So we'd have a subforum for Sprites, a subforum for Graphics, a subforum for Fan-Fiction etc. Not only does this make the forum look more organised, it also makes it easier on the Experts, with them only having to check their respective subforum for new posts. The problem with this is the amount of threads that'd need to be created/copied for this to work. Apparently this was the original idea, but everybody thought a single board would be smarter. If this still seems the case, I guess we could keep it as is.

TL;DR: Checking submissions is tedious, should the forum be split into seperate categories based on submission type?