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Default Re: Mindro Island (pokemon)

name: Milo Blossem
age: 11
gender: male
Goal:wants to be agym leader and wants to explor the island
personality: Milo is a ready for battle kind of kid. He never says he's good at anything because he's afraid people will he's not good at it at all. It isn't hard for him to bond with pokemon at all but, he never admits it. Milo was told by his friend Jewel that evolving pokemon is unhealthy for pokemon so, Milo doesn't evolve his pokemon.
bio: When Milo was 4 his older brother Kieth left to become a pokemon master. Milo wanted to do the same but, couldn't get his pokemon licens untill he was 10. There were alot of kids wanting to become pokemon trainers so, when Milo was 10 he went to Prof. Elm's but when he got there all the pokemon were taken by other kids.
Milo wandered into Ilex Forest looking for a pokemon and saw a notched eared pich. Milo jumped in front of the pichu and and refused to let it run away right then Team Toxic came and and started to bother the pichu so, Milo grabed the pichu and brought it to safety. Milo then made the pichu his partner pokemon and named it Spike. When he heard that an Island was discovered he
caught the first flight over.
pokemon team: Spike ( notche eared male pichu ), Pincher ( male gligar ), Gecko (male charmander), Circles (phione)

name: Yuki Harmony
gendar: female
Goal: wants to be a gym leader
personality: Yuki is really nice and her presence seems to cheer everyone up. She loves music and she battles in complete harmony with her pokemon. Yuki loved music so much she taught her pokemon how to play an instrument. She probably loves pokemon more than anyone because she would do anything for them. Her biggest secret is that she really likes Milo.

Bio: When Yuki was born she didn't breath then a pokemon started playing a near by piano and that brought breath to her. The pokemon that was playing the piano was made her partner pokemon. She named her song and once she was ten she and song trained and trained untill song was a wigglytuff.
Yuki caught alot of pokemon on her journey but, when she heard about the new she moved from sinnoh to Mindro. In Mindro is where she met Milo and instanly fell in love. She tried to tell him but, didn't have the guts. Yuki finally decided to try for a gym leader.

pokemon team: Song (female wigglytuff) Mr. Chatty (male chatot) Squirt (male Marschomp) weather (female castform) Tigar (male growlithe)
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