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Default Mindro Island (pokemon)


A new island was discovered! People are just starting to live there. Challenge matches are being held held to see you will become the gym leaders, elite four, and the champion. Team Toxic is starting to come aswell. Team Toxic experiment on pokemon so, the police force are trying to put a stop to them. Prof. Redwood hasn't caught the starter pokemon yet so, he is willing to give out an award to whoever catches them

Don't pay attention to that prof. Oak guy. Oh ya, Team Toxic is hunting down a legendary pokemon that is said to be the strongest pokemon ever.


You can be a excited trainer who either wants to explore the island, who wants to be in the challenge matches, who wants to get Prof. Redwoods reward, or all of them. You can also be part of the police force (Team Bravo) or you can be part of Team Toxic. You can make up a town or a pokemon that lives on the island.

  • No swearing
  • No more than 5 characters
  • as many fakemon as I approve on
  • Only one town
  • A little romance is okay
  • No godmoding
  • No legendaries that I don't allow you to have
  • Have Fun!!!


Goal:( what does your person want to accomplish)
Personality: 4 + sentences
Bio: 2+ paragraphs
pokemon team:

Town Name:
Town Appearence:

Pokemon species:

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