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Default Re: Osama bin Laden is dead

It pisses me off that someone born with that much privilege, inheriting 1/50 of a billionaire's estate and attending top schools for all of his educational life, would want to spend their life's work instilling fear into so many just because of a distaste of globalization. I'm not exuberant as most others are about his death (on an anime-character pacifism scale, where Vash the Stampede is the highest score possible, I'm somewhere right below a Kenshin Himoura), as he was nothing more than a symbol at this point, and I fear retaliation of some sort.

Seriously, all of these terrorists need to chill down, play some Okami, and watch some Cowboy Bebop. They should put positive, self-fulfilling goals ahead of selfish goals that kill and injure others around them.
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