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Default Mawile_rocks VS. Silver Slasher (OPEN) -- Mawile_rocks wins.

Originally Posted by Silver Slasher View Post
Single battle, 1 poke each
DQ: 5 days
Damage Caps: None
Restrictions: No OHKO moves, no chills
Arena: Grass field
Just a plain field. You can see only grass and sky in every direction.
Ref Style: Open
Challenger makes thread
Go, Kesh!

[Kesh] Hreacross (M)
Ability: Guts
Sig move: Spin Flip

Description: Being a Heracross, Kesh is adept at lifting foes with his horn. He has mastered a varition on this: he runs along the ground, horn down. When Kesh hits the foe, he lifts up, sending the opponent spinning into the air. The foe is Confused from this spinning, and is slightly damaged. The downside is that this move cannot be used against enemies 199.0 lbs (54.0 kgs) in weight or higher. Kesh is tired out by this, and his Speed and Defense is lowered.
Type: Normal | Damage: 5 | Accuracy: 95% | Classification: Physical | Energy Cost: 12%
Effects: Confuses foe, damages foe. -1 Defense, Speed on Kesh.
Usage Gap: Every two turns.

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