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Default Re: Osama bin Laden is dead

The death of Osama is a major blow to Al-Qaeda. For one the overall morale has to have dropped low enough for them to start thinking their is a rat among them since the reports of one of the detainee's giving info leading to the compound getting surrounded.

Osama isn't the only person we hunted for and was killed or captured. The number is like 5000, Most of the inner circle is in that number. so all this talk about a trade off for soldiers is ridiculous.They signed up willing and able to go hunt for the people responsible for the attacks not just the one man, Yes he was a primary target but he wasn't the only person we wanted to get.

I mean yeah it's kinda sad the dude died that way but he was a coward and he deserved everything he got. I wish they woulda got him alive though cause IMO if he got off easy.

FYI it only took ten years cause there was alot of info being leaked.Everything that happened on the 1st happened cause noone told the Pakistan government what was really happening.
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