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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Rockpaw the dark purple espeon &
Sideswipe the bright white umbreon

Rockpaw glanced up at Chip from where he half-lay on the soggy ground, “Okay.” he tried to get up for a moment, but stopped with a wince. The espeon then ignored his advice by shifting to a more comfortable position.

Sideswipe looked up as the new scyther landed, wary, but she didn't voice her concerns. Rockpaw shifted again when Nightfang defended her actions against Bladestrike, but stayed silent, not wanting the scyther to notice his injury bothering him.

The dark espeon looked at Bladestrike as he started explaining how they'd gotten here, getting some things right, others wrong, all together making a confusing story making less and less sense as he went on. He wanted to stop the scyther from embarrassing himself any further, but didn't want Bladestrike worrying about him.
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