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Default Re: Osama bin Laden is dead

Originally Posted by Nova_Eevee View Post
May i just say, here in america, WE WANTED HIM DEAD. He was a horrible mercenary, who killed the world trade centers in new york. He was maybe worse then Hitler. The good thing is that hes gone and india and pakistan will most likely go back to their nuclear wars which america will most likely but our heads into and then in result, will be hiit hard by both...ether way we wernt gonna win.
Hitler and Osama were about on the same level, albeit Hitler was able to draw closer to achieving his objective of genocide by several millions of more casualties due to Nazi Germany commanding more power and funding than what Al-Qaeda has. Given a hypothetical scenario where Al-Qaeda had as much power, they very likely would have attempted to use similar methods, rather than striking at nations as sleeper cells. Honestly, it's not hard to see that Osama, with Hitler's militaristic power, funding, and influence, would have used propaganda to twist beliefs of Sharia law on a wider scale, and very likely would have called for a genocide of all those not practicing Islam, even though it's clear the motives were deeper than religious beliefs. Osama was using the Islamic faith as a catalyst to achieve his own objectives and draw those who followed the religion to be mislead and misguided by his teaching. And yes, this is exactly how it happened with Nazi Germany.

Call it bad luck or misfortune, but the damage that Osama did at the World Trade Center was not expected. No one thought that both towers were going to fall, but the structural damage done was the result of a chain reaction, and the success of the attack paired with the massive collateral damage gave Al-Qaeda additional morale. It also put many Americans in a state of fear, concern, and anger, which spread to other countries as well.

Unfortunately, Osama was a person that could not be reasoned with. He had damaged a symbol of American culture, freedom, and democracy, which in turn damaged the economy as well, along with the security and comfort of innocent people. After accomplishing this level of success, it only encouraged him to continue, find more ways to cause damage, and put strong, powerful nations in fear and at his mercy. And he accomplished this to quite a degree, and even managed to cause tensions between Americans and Islamic followers and Arabic people. However, after we took a step back and separated fact from myth, it was clear, blaming Muslims and followers of the Islamic faith for what Osama did was wrong. It was no different than what Hitler did, obscuring truths and beliefs to instill different perceptions, which in turn he could use to accomplish his own objectives, regardless of how destructive and deadly they were.

Because of this, war was necessary, Osama was not a person that could be allowed to continue accumulating power, influence, and command. If we allowed for him keep gathering more power and influence, the attacks would have gotten worse, the damage would have been more severe, and in time, it may have escalated into a situation beyond our control. Casualties in World War II were massive, costly, and incalculable, and while the casualties in the war on terror are still costly, they are far, far less than what we saw in WWII, something that this could have turned into if someone had not done anything about it.

And this is why Americans are celebrating his death, because it marks the end of a terrorist leader's tyranny and the possibility of them claiming even more innocent lives. If Hitler had been stopped in a similar fashion, it would have also marked a significant cornerstone in history, and it is very likely there would have been celebration also. If the Nazi regime was stopped earlier, chances are very good many millions of lives would have been spared. Unfortunately, there is no way to go back in time, what was done was done, but we can still learn from it, and understand how and why these events came to pass, and that knowledge can help us prevent something just as costly and catastrophic from happening in the future.

The war on weapons of mass destruction is also still necessary, and is arguably more serious considering that if a large amount of these weapons were used in rapid succession, you would be looking at damage and destruction on apocalyptic levels, and the targets of those weapons would very likely be rendered into a state that would be far too destroyed to retaliate, giving the attacker additional leverage over whoever might oppose them.

Other countries may look down on America for invading other countries like this, but there is a reason for it. We don't want to see a world where entire countries have been decimated, taken over, with millions of lives killed because we didn't take action, and could have been spared if only we had intervened. We saw what could happen in World War II, and God only knows what may have continued to happen if no one did anything about it, but it's very certain it would have been extremely destructive and very costly. Imagine, if you will, what the world would be like if Hitler and the Axis powers won World War II. Imagine, if you will, what it would be like if Osama bin Laden gathered more allies, more funding, and additional support and power, and soon began using those those resources toward taking over nation after nation, spreading his propaganda to mislead others to follow his regime.

This is why Americans celebrate. Because a man who would have done these things no longer can, and an organization that tried to do these things is now crippled, and will have great difficulty overcoming this setback, if they even can. It marks a victory that democracy, freedom, and unity has achieved over tyranny, deceit, and destruction, and has spread news of this message worldwide, and why those who may follow Hitler's and Osama's mentality think twice and reconsider the choices and actions they may make.

So yes, it does mean something to me.

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