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Default Re: Osama bin Laden is dead

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
He's no different from the rest of the extremists. He's just as disposable as everybody else in that camp anyway. So in that sense, having him dead is like having a figurehead dead. Sure it looks nice on your side, but it really doesn't serve to do much outside of that. I wouldn't celebrate yet either, since the extremists would more likely be making their next assault. From what we know, it's been 10 years in the making, knowing that they have set a precedence of approximately 1 major terrorist attack every 10 years. And vengeance comes in vicious cycles.

Secondarily, the amount of money you guys are bleeding into the military system and Blackwater is massive. A good portion of the debt you're racking up comes from his hemorrhage, and is only second to medicare/medicaid in terms of massive expendature. That is, part of the reason why this recession was so strong was because of the two simultaneous wars during this era, one of which was illegal.

Also, as Dark Shadow Lord said, I really don't think losing so many people for 1 extremist is a great trade off, considering that he's just a figurehead. What this does allow Obama do is give him the excuse to withdraw, which I think will have to happen sooner rather than later in order to slow down the expenditures and slow the death toll. To add to the irony, Obama's chances at a second term just skyrocketed. In those senses, this may be considered a positive coming out from all of this.

It's hypocritical statement when you to stated that killing innocent lives is evil but fail to recognize that fighting wars inevitably involves killing innocent lives with no exceptions. A war has no justice, and for better or worse the war is called the war on terror. Just because it is a victory in a battle, in the grand scheme of things nobody came out the winner and certainly nobody came out being just. It was not justice we seeked on this war, it was vengeance.

I'm not going to make a comment about "God bless America" other than state that this phrase is insulting to humans. Recognize the accomplishments and the failures of what humans do as they are, not as what some Supernatural Being that may or may not exist and may or may not intervene, but is definitely not part of the natural realm where humans dwell, did.

I'm also going to make a slight comment about Muslim, Islam, Hindu, etc. families in the US. In a sense, I'm happy that these people may get less subjugation as they would have had in the past 10 years or so. The situation they were in reminded me of the Japanese concentration camps in US and Canada during World War II. Being caught in the crossfire while being completely out of the war zone is in itself an injustice to the innocent, and I seriously hope these families would forgive America now that Osama's dead.
Figurehead or not, Bin Ladin is a symbol to the whole world, including the terrorists, and they are as easily swayed by symbolism and propaganda as anyone else. In the long run the fact that he's dead will hurt their cause. The fact that they lost THE most visible symbol of their success is a major blow, a symbolic blow, but symbols are important nonetheless. The fall of the Berlin Wall wasn't really significant either, but it changed the way people thought about Communism. Decades from now, Osama's death could well be seen as where it all started to end.

Yes, it's hypocritical. But criticizing America for not being perfect just doesn't hold water. There's no country on Earth that, if placed in America's situation, wouldn't have done the same. And if there was it would rapidly cease to be a country. America did what it had to, and it turned out well. That's the most that can be asked.

Also, any claim that Osama's death wasn't worth it is clearly ignoring everything else that America has done in the process. The conflict in the Middle East escalated beyond Osama Bin Ladin years ago. A century later, Iraq and Afghanistan could be democratic, modernized societies full of people whose lives are hundreds of times better than they would have been otherwise; would it be worth it then? Maybe even the Arab Spring wouldn't have happened if Iraq and Afghanistan hadn't happened. We stopped going to war for Bin Ladin ages ago, so of course if you compare our sacrifices for everything else to that one mission it will look meager. But we didn't, and we're not, and since you can't pinpoint exactly what sacrifices were made to get to him, you can't argue that Osama wasn't worth it since you don't know what we paid.

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