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Default Re: Osama bin Laden is dead

Are you guys for real? Man, it's almost scary how quickly and how irrationally people forget what these guys did, and that's probably the rest why history repeats itself. Osama bin Laden was a soulless bastard who started this whole nightmare in the first place, really no better than Hitler or Stalin were. He had no one to blame but himself. Thing is, if we didn't stop him, who would? What was going to stand in his way to stop him from continuing this from city to city, country to country? Nothing, someone had to stop him. Otherwise, yeah, he would have kept on going, thinking he was a hero for taking a stab at a country that had to work hard for its success.

Also, Dark Shadow Lord is WRONG, this is NOT one extremist we're talking about, this is an entire terrorist group that is being targeted to be taken down (didn't I say this already?). Also, unfortunately, a war was necessary, and yes, unfortunately, sacrifices had to be made because there weren't any alternatives (and if you had a good alternative in mind, speak up!). Sorry, but telling terrorists "hey guys, that wasn't nice, behave next time!" isn't going to do anything. It sounds stupid because it is. Negotiations don't work with extremists like this either, so what is to be done? Nothing at all? There are times when words don't work anymore, and action becomes necessary. If action is not taken, then expect a cycle of abuse and duress. I think it sounds rather stupid to let a country so far behind in technological and economical advancement bully us around like we're just some punching bag to rage against.

And what's so wrong with "God bless America?" I know most of you are so hopelessly and sadly swept up in your own parade of atheism, but seriously, lay off. If you don't want to love this country, fine, then don't ever come here. And while you're at it, stop trying to turn OUR country into YOUR country. This business of coming here and hating our culture makes me sick.

So to quote Ghandi, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
Sounds great if you never believed in justice. Letting the blind man suffer while the attacker that blinded him goes free and enjoys the sight of life isn't right either, you know. Otherwise, all the innocent are blind and all the guilty can see.

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