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Default Re: Osama bin Laden is dead

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
It wasn't just him. There were plenty of other terrorist members that were targeted and brought to justice in the process, not to mention it initiated a whole slew of anti-terrorist operations in effort to make the world a safer place. We also showed them that we're serious, and we're not going to take this crap. To simply bow heads down and weep after 9/11 and do nothing about it would have given them more morale and encouragement to keep going. Instead, they now got a clear message that if they bite, we're going to bite back, and HARD. This is proof and sends a message that if anyone thinks of following Osama bin Laden's campaign or gets inspired from it, they're going to end up the same way he did. D-E-A-D Period.

Anyway, you may have forgotten how tragic and gut-wrenching 9/11 was, but I haven't. I've seen the World Trade Center site several times, and it is STILL a somber and melancholy place that gives you the same feeling a graveyard would. One of my parents' friends was in lower Manhattan that day, and you know what he said?

"It was like Vietnam all over again, only worse."

To you, it may sound like it took the US a shabby 10 years to find a sneaky terrorist leader. To me, after a long, hard, and painful search, we finally brought a terrorist mastermind to justice, avenged the thousands of lives he stole from US families and the destruction he caused, made the world a safer place by eliminating terrorists, and sent a clear message to anyone even thinking of trying to do the same thing he did. We are still united, we are still strong, and we have won because of it.

Well that is certainly one way to look at it, and you may be true since I'm not American and was only 9 years old when it happened I might not remember as much of the events and emotions that were involved around 9/11, but I do remember it was on a Tuesday because Pokemon was suppose to be on that night, they canceled Pokemon for news.

So to quote Ghandi, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

But your implying that something was accomplished by killing a simple minded idiot, but only time will tell if anything truly was accomplished, since the other terrorists are probably just as furious as the US was back in 2001 and seeing they are that simple minded they will probably try to do something else, and if they do so it becomes a never ending war, but the only difference in this war between the US and them, is that they casted the first stone against a extremely powerful country which makes them rather stupid.

Also I'm not calling the US simple minded (Just wanted to say that) I completely see why they invaded Afghanistan and in fact they were in full rights in doing so, especially since the motives for 9/11 were fueled by simple minded terrorists who are misinterpretation their religion and are showing prejudice towards other nations/people who choose to believe in something else. But I don't really see why 10 years had to be spent tracking down one individual at the cost of more US citizen's lives as well as the innocent people who got caught in the cross fire, hadn't enough innocence lives been taken at the terrorists expense on 9/11.

So yeah, maybe it's just the fact that Iceland doesn't have an army (it was protected by the US army for about 50 years), but I feel Osama Bin Laden just wasn't worth the people who died because of him these past 10 years. I would have just let him rot and die in his hiding/exile and if he'd ever decide to come out of hiding I'd capture and kill/imprison him then.

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