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Default Re: Osama bin Laden is dead

Originally Posted by Dark Shadow Lord View Post
seems like a pyrrhic victory to me. I dont understand the celebration over a death. There have been so many losses over the last ten years including a handful of friends of no way was this a real victory. I wouldnt have traded a single one of those guys for his life, but here we are celebrating again this mad mans death. His death won't scare off this kind of stuff in the future....this will further the cause against our country.
You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea..
So you think letting him live and continue what he was doing would have been a better idea? Somewhere or sometime, it had to be done. As for terrorist retaliation, them acting out of rage is only going to cause them to make reckless mistakes, which will be a further downfall for them. Before 9/11, we were pretty lax with security. Now, we've been steeled against terrorism and have already shut down and prevented further terrorist acts before they happened.

Okay, I agree that we shouldn't start throwing confetti, launching fireworks, handing out candy, and so on, but it is good to know that this guy didn't get off scott free for what he did and live a happy and prosperous life after planning and initializing the attack that killed so many innocent people. Instead, he was forced to live in hiding, dwell in caves like some animal, and was eventually killed for what he did. For many, that kind of closure is the kind of thing they've been waiting for.

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